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T.N. Walker, Inc.

T.N. Walker, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. T.N. Walker, Inc. is controlled by its President, Thomas N. Walker, who currently maintains a 100% stock ownership position.

We are a wholesaler/installation contractor for equipment, parts and supplies associated with the HVAC and Plumbing Industries. In recent years we have expanded into the equipment, supplies and storage for Fluid Management Systems associated extraction, transportation and storage of Oil and Gas. These industry applications are very similar; however specifications differ greatly and require professional engineering and installation to meet the engineered project specifications.

T.N. Walker, Inc’s mission is to expedite construction projects, equipment delivery and/or installation in a timely manner at or below budget. We will achieve this by providing price/quality competitive products and services while adhering to establish schedules that meet client specifications and objectives.

Our success, strategy and future are based on absolute integrity and the advancement of the fiduciary interests of our clients. While revenues remain paramount to our core existence, our employees, clients and community will always be held in the highest deference.